Hi, my name is Olivia.

I am 16 years old & a sophomore in high school. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a wonderful rescue called A Critters Chance. At A Critters Chance we are foster based, run solely off the donations of our generous community, and we rescue everything but dogs and cats. I have been volunteering at A Critters Chance for 2 years and since then have been voted onto the board and serve as the pot belly pig foster and adoption coordinator. I have a huge passion for all God’s creatures but more specifically pot belly pigs. My mom I turned our old family farm into a haven for unwanted pigs. I hope that you will join me in my ‘pig fostering journey’ and my mission to save the world one pig at a time!


Hi, my name is Adele.

I am a business owner and mother of 4 wonderful children. I rescued my first pig in 1997. She lived to be 16 and my second rescue pig will be 20 this year. Until a few years ago I was unaware of the often tragic plight and endless number of unwanted and homeless pigs. After the pig crisis became clear to us we knew we had a responsibility to take action. Responsibility is made of 2 words: response and ability. We asked ourselves, what would our response be and how could we use our abilities to make a difference. That is where the Oinking Acres journey began.